Let’s talk. Let’s find out what you need to do to become clear and certain about your unique message. Let’s discover how you can have the voice of confidence and the credibility that every audience and client really wants from you. I will help you understand how to close the gaps in your communication and help you evoke and move audiences and clients to action.


Maria Pellicano


Is your voice intimidating, high or low pitched, too soft, lacking power, unclear, monotone, fatigued or strained ? With voice coaching you can improve the quality, health and tone of your speaking voice to help you communicate more effectively with others. Find out how you can Increase your awareness and potential of your voice tone.

Maria Pellicano


Have you ever considered public speaking training ? Do you wonder why other people can be so confident in their communication while all you want to do is hide? Do you want your voice to be clearly heard? Do you want to speak and be inspirational? Find out how you can feel confident, be credible and respected when you speak. The way you think and feel effects the way you speak and many people remain stuck and unable to engage and be present when communicating.


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For the past 20 years I have been empowering people to present on platforms with confidence, competency and certainty by tweaking the voice, mindset and message to powerfully communicate with influence.

I have conducted public speaking training and voice coaching with both business and personal clients. 

I love to speak, mentor and author books and programs. I am passionate and experienced in helping to empower your unique presence and releasing your authentic expression when communicating. What separates me from others is that I have the experience in coaching over 5000 voices to sound congruent to the message they deliver. From my experience, I have learnt that your tone can deliver non verbal signals that effect the quality of speaking and the integrity of words.

I use a blend of voice, mindset and message delivery strategies that I have tweaked and developed over the many hours of observation and mentoring to help your personal development of interpersonal skills.

I work with public speakers, auctioneers, lawyers, sales executives, singers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, trainers, preachers, teachers, to have a professional and polished voice, clear message and successful mindset that positions commercial and reputable success.

maria pellicano


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When I work with you, I focus on the three most critical alignment aspects of communication: mindset, message, and voice.

These are the keys to Harnessing Your Voice that lead you to speaking with power and influence.

Mindset – Persona

The quality of your mindset shows up in your persona. What we think is who we are. The way we engage with others and live is dependant on how we think. Our persona is our character. Who we are being when we carry our message effects the level of influence you can have when you speak. I mentor you to have new thinking strategies that enables your voice to be heard with confidence and credibility.

Message – Platform

Your message is what you are here to say or sing. This is about the platform you will be using to reach your ideal client and audience with your passionate message. When you are clear on the intention of your message, that is what you really believe you are here to communicate, you will stop procrastinating and create the certainty and confidence that will show up in your voice, bringing your presence to the surface.

Voice – Presence

The voice brings out your presence. It makes you transparent when you speak. The voice tonality carries your emotions and thinking and it sends nonverbal signals to those who listen to you. Do you cringe when you hear back your voice and wished you sounded better? I can help you develop your voice. With time the voice can age, become damaged and unclear. By learning voice technique I can mentor you to have a voice that is intelligent and healthy and has longevity.


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