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Hi I'm Maria Pellicano and I am an Australian voice coach & public speaker trainer.  I specialise in helping professionals, leaders & organisations improve their voice, presence & confidence. With more than 20 years of experience, I have helped over 5,000 people speak with influence & impact.  During this time, I have seen firsthand the impact that it has when people do not have power in their voice. They are not getting the best out of themselves, they feel stifled, locked up and held back. Focused on giving back power through voice, I provide public speaking and voice coaching, and training, mentoring and coaching and corporate development programs. This is based on my 3-step model: Mindset, Message and Voice. I believe that we only communicate powerfully when we understand how to use voice, mindset and message congruently.

"Everyone has something to say and too often we hold back and are afraid to speak out because of not feeling good enough" Maria Pellicano

On top of that we don’t like the sound of our voice and we stumble over our words. We lack confidence and certainty in what we say and very soon we start to avoid the platform for any speech, conversation or opportunity to voice our ideas. I help you to develop a voice that is strong, a mindset that empowers you to be passionate and committed to your calling and a message that is appropriately designed to address the needs of your specific audience, clients and relationships.  My work includes a blend of strategies for Personal Development, Vocal Coaching and Interpersonal Communication Skills that will help the success of your professional and personal relationships.

"The power of words are weighted by the vocal tone that once chooses to use" Maria Pellicano


How Can a Voice Coach Help You?

Maria Pellicano

Anxious and Nervous of speaking in public?
I will show you how to think and be calm with any public speaking. How to control your voice, breath and tone when under pressure and be at ease. 

Do you find it difficult to speak and engage with certain personalities?
I will show you how to develop your interpersonal communication skills.  I will teach you how you can change your vocal tone to match your listener's voice and build a stronger connection wether on the phone or face to face. 

Is your voice boring and monotone?
Using exercises, I will show you how to have expression in you vocal tone. You will be able to access your higher pitched voice and also connect it to your lower pitched voices, eliminating breaks and wobbles in your voice giving yo more confidence to express yourself with more variety. 

Do you trip over your words and speak too fast?
I will mentor you on how to use your mind and mouth to pace your words when you speak.  Sometimes you need to speak faster and other times slower and to do this well it requires you to be speaking consciously and on purpose.  Silence is really difficult if you are an energetic speaker however if you can master  silence and pauses well you will give your listeners a chance to process and catch up with what you are saying.  

Are you unsure about your message and your audience?
Let's craft your unique message that is congruent with your purpose and ideal clients.  When you match your vocal tone with your words you will carry the message better and it will create greater engagement and meaning to others.   You must speak the language tone of your audience and be mindful that your message is to benefit others and not yourself.  

Are you an introvert and don’t like speaking?
I will help you adjust and extend your behaviour to suit any audience.   I will help you find your passion and enthusiasm to want to speak out in public with confidence and purpose.  Learn how to perform your speaking so that you can create greater impact and others can engage with you deeply. 




I will share impacting ideas and concepts that will inspire your people to become shakers and movers in your company or group.



I will lead and mentor you as you learn to speak with confidence in any environment, large or small. See which program is best for you.



My book helps you speak with certainity and authority by developing, crafting and delivering a passionate compelling message.


Located in Melbourne, Australia - Available Anywhere

Not located in Australia or want to learn from wherever you are? I regularly travel overseas for onsite workshops and am even available for online mentorship and trainings. As an accredited practitioner, I am equipped to be the voice coach that can transform your career or workforce.