importance of tone of voice in business communication

The Right Tone Of Voice In Business Matters

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Have you ever noticed your voice changing depending on who you are speaking with, it may be higher, squeakier, lower or a deeper quality? In conversations, does your voice suddenly become louder or softer, or it just fade away? Does your voice sound friendly or are you intimidating others when you speak? Research tells us that vocal tone matters because …

how to find your voice and speak with confidence

How To Find Your Voice And Speak With Confidence

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Do you ever wonder, what are you really talking about? Is it just your opinion, your religion, your tradition, your family system? Is your workplace shutting you down and keeping your voice silent? Are you having conversations that you would rather not be having?    Are you communicating through the lenses of choice, obligation or family loyalties?    When you …

how to not be nervous for a speech or presentation

How To Not Be Nervous For A Speech Or Presentation

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Your Emotions affect your tone of voice and the meaning of your words.Do you regularly feel nervous for a speech? Do you ever think your feelings are affecting your speaking in the wrong way? You would like to pull the emotion out of what you are saying and be neutral, but your tone of voice betrays you and comes through in your …

How important is posture in communication?

How Important Is Posture In Communication?

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Have you ever picked up the phone and started speaking and found that your voice felt stuck or too quiet after sitting down for a while? Good posture can make all the difference in communication. When you carry your body well you are able to have more body strength to produce powerful voice tonality that will make you stand out …

How To Improve Your Speaking Voice To Influence People

How To Improve Your Speaking Voice To Influence People

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So you want to improve your speaking voice? Well, did you know that your tone actually affects how you are perceived and whether or not people will listen to you? My name is Maria Pellicano and for 20 years I have worked with singers, actors , business leaders, CEOs, doctors, trainers, speakers and many other influencers who want to inspire …

how to engage an audience in public speaking

How To Engage An Audience In Public Speaking

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When people listen to your words, they analyse what you are saying from the voice tonality they are hearing. We always remember the tone of what is said more than the words themselves. Tone carries your emotion and personality and makes you transparent to your audiences. What is your audience learning about the “real you” when you speak? Our tone …

How To Not Lose Your Voice When Talking

How To Not Lose Your Voice When Talking

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Do you lose your voice and struggle with projection after you’ve been speaking for a while? As a leader who wants to to influence others, your voice is the tool and instrument to carry your message. You cannot replace your voice and you can lose your vocal resonance with a damaged or fatigued speaking voice. What would you feel like …

how to persuade your audience

How To Persuade your Audience – 4 Questions To Ask When Preparing A Speech

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Recent research suggests foetuses in utero begin hearing and relating to their mother’s tone of voice from about 16 weeks – about 6 months before they’re even born! (language is added later). What does this mean for you as a speaker? Well, as communicators we usually know when we’re being lied to. There is something in the person’s tone that …