how to find your voice and speak with confidence

How To Find Your Voice And Speak With Confidence

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Do you ever wonder, what are you really talking about?

Is it just your opinion, your religion, your tradition, your family system?

Is your workplace shutting you down and keeping your voice silent?

Are you having conversations that you would rather not be having?   

Are you communicating through the lenses of choice, obligation or family loyalties?   

When you give me your voice, you give me who you are. Arthur Joseph

A staggering 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged. Many companies are experiencing a crisis of engagement and aren’t aware of it. Click here to read the research.

Engagement and connection is low when you are not communicating as you would like. When you feel that you don’t have choice over how you want to communicate both verbally and non-verbally you begin to live a fake life.

Feeling trapped in your workplace, family or life will block your flow of speech and ideas and make you unhappy.

Is it your mother’s or father’s voice you hear in your head, nagging you to do something different than what you would like to do?

I used to be controlled and conditioned by religion, culture and tradition. But when I finally “grew up” I realised that to become a leader it was time to respect and listen to my inner voice. It was time to find my voice.

As I got older I began to realise that my view of the world was important and I should colour it in as I pleased.

It was important that I respect the deep voice inside my soul and stop listening to others around me.


I learnt that as we choose to unravel the ‘should’, ‘must’ and ‘have-to’ in our lives, our voice
will become authentic and empowered
with the truth and tonality that can impact
the lives of others.
___________________________________Maria Pellicano

I learned about 10 years ago that when we engage with ourselves and others we must be aware that all of us only see what we want to see. So your views of the world are important and you must speak from your perspective, even though we should also have total respect for other’s points of view.

Did you know that we practice over time to make the world fit into our beliefs and values? We are not always conscious of what we believe because a great deal of this learning has been learnt when we were very young and passed on through our family system.

So unless we are fully conscious of unconscious behaviours we will be deleting, distorting, and generalising information that we pick up from an external event, giving it meaning by filtering it through our filters. And because of this we can be stuck wondering, “Why does no one else get it?” We also end up with behaviours and experiences that are not always our desired outcomes.

Over time I have learnt that everyone is doing the best they can with what they know and I can be flexible to adjust what I do, what I am and what I have so I can better reach others and have powerful communication.

So the art of powerful communication is having the awareness that everyone sees the world differently because we are all different and that my style, opinions and thoughts are important too.

So trust your inner voice, speak out and allow your voice to be uniquely creative in the world you know and feel.

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