How To Improve Your Speaking Voice To Influence People

How To Improve Your Speaking Voice To Influence People

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So you want to improve your speaking voice? Well, did you know that your tone actually affects how you are perceived and whether or not people will listen to you?

My name is Maria Pellicano and for 20 years I have worked with singers, actors , business leaders, CEOs, doctors, trainers, speakers and many other influencers who want to inspire others to take action.

Whether that is before a live audience, on a webinar, on a podcast, or in a business meeting, voice tonality matters. And it affects how your audience is responds to you and the perceptions they have about what you are saying.

Why you should improve your speaking voice.

Can you imagine what I would sound like right now if I started to talk like Micky Mouse? Or what if I began to speak verrrrrry slowwwwwwwwly? What if my voice sounded nasally or monotone? Or what if I started speaking with an intimidating tone of voice?

Professional speakers and influencers such as politicians and motivational speakers have voice coaches to help them create quality speeches and maintain a healthy sustainable voice.

If your tone of voice sounds successful, you’re more likely to be successful. In fact, studies show that some people are paid more than others because of their tone of voice.

Check out the difference in Margaret Thatcher’s voice once she had a vocal coach work on her voice tonality, this link will show you the before and after.

Research tells us that our brains store words deeper when they carry emotion. Your audience will remember what you say when they feel the emotion behind your words. That is, they will remember what you say for better or worse. You see, we remember the emotion behind what is said more than the words themselves.

Our voice tonality is an unconscious behaviour in speech. And often we are not aware of how our voice impacts others. You may have a message of great value and importance, but you can be misunderstood and not heard simply because our tonality did not match our message.

We can build enormous credibility and respect when we release emotion and authenticity in our words. We all want to believe and be inspired by a speaker who says what they mean and means what they say.

I am reminded of the spontaneous speech by Martin Luther King Junior which was delivered on 28 August 1963, at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C. when he was prompted by Mahalia jackson. He said, “I have a dream… that my four little children will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Here we are captured and taken on a journey simply because of the passion and conviction he displayed in his words. He even used his real life situation to bring the message to the hearts of the people. He included his own personal situation into the message.

It’s not what you say, but you say it that matters most.

how to improve your speaking voice

We all know what we should do but often fail at the implementation of finer details that polish and add quality to the results we want.

So if you want to impact and influence others with your words; if you want be heard and remembered for words that change lives, you must find out what tone of voice you carry when you speak. Because understanding how you deliver your voice tonality affects the success of your speaking.

Want to find out how much impact your voice has?

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Here is a video about how you can improve your speaking skills.

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Be your best Voice.


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