How To Have An Influential and
Professional Speaking Voice Course


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I’m Maria Pellicano, Your Trainer

For the past 20 years I have been empowering people to present on platforms with confidence, competency and certainty by tweaking the voice, mindset and message to powerfully communicate with influence.I have conducted public speaking training and voice coaching with both business and personal clients. I have now created this online course for you.

Here is why you should attend this course

Do you cringe when you hear back your voice and wish you sounded better?

One of the keys of great SEO is having a mobile friendly website which works smoothly on all devices

Have you been told your voice is too soft, too loud or just boring?

It's not enough anymore to find relevant industry keywords and write huge amounts of content

Do you want to be heard clearly, stop repeating yourself and be more influential when speaking

Write well structured and understandable articles not just a mix of paragraphs that contain keywords

Does you voice tone make you sound younger, intimidating or is not matching what you are saying?

A good action plan comes out of understanding where your current position is and the environment

Are you suffering for strain, fatigue and huskiness resulting in speaking avoidance?

Google changes it's search indexing algorithm twice a year so it's important to stay updated with news

Are you a woman with a high breathy voice tone and not been taken seriously?

Learn which are the most important search engine ranking factors and optimize your website accordnigly

Who should attend this ‘How To Have An Influential and Professional Speaking Voice’ Course

This course is purposely built for Professional Executives who wish to engage their audience, be taken seriously by their peers and teams and who wish to sound better rather than coming off as boring.”

Course Information

Key Takeaways

This course helps professional leaders who want to use their voices to create success and influence.

Overcome Disengaged speaking

Learn how to overcome Disengaging speaking. Disengaging speaking causes leaders to sound intimidation leading to being misunderstood instead of an inspirational engaging leader.

Sound Professional In Your speaking

Unprofessional speaking tone causing misperception of authority and expertise instead of trusted and respected authority and specialist.

Overcome Monotone expressions

A monotone expression is repetitive and lifeless instead of an enthusiastic, contagious memorable leader.

Learn How To Create An Energetic Voice

Unhealthy voice causing the sustaining and avoidance of speaking engagements instead of unlimited leadership speaking energy and strength.

Overcome Public Speaking Fears

Public speaking fears causing loss of credibility and authority instead of leading with confidence and focused purpose.

Become An Inspiring Leader

Simple changes in your speaking tone are the difference between a remembered leader and someone in a leadership role. Most leaders know how they should lead and speak but the majority do not understand, making changes to the sound of their voice to match their message will ensure they are understood and stand out from their peers.

Testimonials from previous clients

Why Is This Course Important More Than Ever Today?

Since Covid-19 many professional executives have lost the ability to use body language, direct eye contact and the ability to use a medium such as PowerPoint Slides, to get their point across and influence their target audience. With the use of direct video conversations, their only method of influence is their voice.
Most executives feel they are either unheard, no longer taken seriously or are coming across unintentionally as intimidating.
In this course you can learn what is causing the issue and how to fix it.

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