how to not be nervous for a speech or presentation

How To Not Be Nervous For A Speech Or Presentation

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Your Emotions affect your tone of voice and the meaning of your words.

Do you regularly feel nervous for a speech? Do you ever think your feelings are affecting your speaking in the wrong way?

You would like to pull the emotion out of what you are saying and be neutral, but your tone of voice betrays you and comes through in your presentation.

Did you know that you cannot detach speech from the emotions you feel? Unless you have the proper voice technique to be able to control the colours and quality of your voice, your tone of voice will completely expose you and directly impact the meaning of your words.

Your voice tonality will directly impact the meaning of your words.

You will have the right message but the wrong tone.

To have a stronger voice, you must use your whole body. If you are sitting, crouched over a computer, a phone, or a small device and you want your voice to sound confident, you should first stand and move your body around to generate more power and energy. Then it will be easier to speak out.

“The voice is the organ of the soul”
Henry Waddsworth Longfellow

Your tone of voice will betrays your soul.  How you are feeling has a direct connection with the quality of what you are saying.

Research tells us that emotions are more powerful than words.

Your communication will always be powerful when you acknowledge that words are the last thing people hear, and the first thing is how your body and tone of voice match what you’re here to say.Because tone of voice is affected by emotions, we can lose control of our voice because our emotions are exposing what we are really experiencing and we lack the experience to manage our voice.

With the proper voice technique you can navigate and harness this situation and still manage to get your message out without others knowing too much.

The Voice (larynx or voice box) is driven by three systems of nerve pathways.

The Limbic System is activated by emotions and environment and can take over you voice when you lack control. The larynx is located about midway in the neck and located between vital systems of the body.  Some of the most important functions such as breathing and swallowing are shared with the same space that the voice is located in.  We cannot hide our inner soul because our vocal tone will always be stronger than the words we speak.

Scientists and Researchers have identified charismatic leaders who use their voice to convey a message with success is because they use specific timbre, tone and cadence in their voice which result in powerful influential communication. Now successful politicians share the same key vocal qualities that strongly affect how people respond to them and it has nothing to do with the meaning of their words they say or the ideas they express.

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