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Public Speaking is even MORE than just words

Maria Pellicano Business Voice Coach, Mentoring, public speaking

When we are public speaking we are bringing our MINDSET and VOCAL TONALITY to the words we speak.

Our voice, message and mindset must send the same signal and say the same thing. When this happens we bring more of ourselves to public speaking, creating deeper engagement with our audiences and even in our one on one conversation.

Have you met someone who says one thing but means another?  Or have you heard the statement

“Don’t use that tone of voice with me love”

Your vocal tone MUST MATCH your message but often the voice is saying one thing and the message is saying another. This is because we are unaware of how our emotions can actually effect our vocal tone.

We are not fully sold on what we are speaking about and not sure about the audience’s needs and style of listening.  So we loose our confidence and we become incongruent and then begin to loose the conviction in what we are here to say.

To be heard, when public speaking, those who listen to us need to feel and know that we are confident and the expert in our field.

Its difficult to assess the quality and effectiveness of your speaking tonality   when you are caught up being public speaker. 


To find out what you are really saying you must either record yourself and then listen back and review or have a mentor critic your voice, message and audience response.

Most people say to me they hate the sound of their voice and cringe when they hear it back. When I work with clients I help them create flexibly in their vocal sound, allowing them to have more choice over their voice and not feel stuck with the sound they here. However most importantly I help my clients take their message out to the world with confidence and passion.

“The human voice is the organ of the soul” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.


We cannot detach the speech from emotions you feel. Your voice will always reveal your soul. Your mindset effects your voice and the success of the power and influence of your message.

Research tells us that emotions conveyed is always more powerful than words themselves.  

Your communication will always be powerful when you acknowledge that words are the last thing people hear, instead the first thing is how your body and vocal tone match what your are here to say Click here to see research 

Your vocal tone is effected by emotions and that means that at times we can loose control of our voice because our emotions are exposing what we are really experiencing and we lack experience to manage our voice.

With vocal technique you can navigate and harness this situation and still manage to get your message out without others knowing too much.

The voice is driven by three systems of nerve pathways.

The Limbic System is activated by emotions and environment and can take over you voice when you lack control.

The larynx is located about midway in the neck and located between vital systems of the body. Some of the most important functions such as breathing and swallowing are shared with the same space that the voice is located in.

We cannot hide our inner soul because our vocal tone will always be stronger than the words we speak.

“The voice is a tool that can be trained,” he said. “Singers and actors train their voices to reach higher or lower frequencies. A leader-speaker should do the same.”Dr Signorello

Scientist and Researchers Have identified charismatic leaders who use their voice to convey a messages with success is because they use specific timbre, tone and cadence in their voice which result in powerful influential communication.

Click on the writing below for research 

Now successful politicians share the same key vocal qualities that strongly effect how people respond to them and it has nothing to do with the meaning of their words they say or the ideas they express

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