6 Voice Technique Exercises to Improve Your Public Speaking Voice

  • Voice Warm-Ups - Unblock Your Voice

    When you warm up your voice you have more confidence, certainty and you will be perceived as being competent. Voice Warm-Ups help to unblock your voice and produce a mixed quality speaking voice.

  • Breathless When Speaking - Speak with Ease

    When we breathe properly we can speak more at ease and control. The quality of your vocal tone is effected by the quality of your breath. You fatigue less and you have greater stamina for longer periods of speaking when you can manage your breath. Deep diaphragmatic breath allows you to easily have a stronger fuller voice tone instead of a higher shrilly voice. A good diaphragm breath intake will relax your body making you feel more confident and certain when speaking.

  • Speak Clearly - Be Understood

    When you pronounce your vowels well you speak clearer and also have a projected voice because the sound travels better. Words carry syllables and each syllable is a vowel. Tightness in our jaw, mouth and throat effects your vocal tonality. If you have a strong accent and its hard to understand when you are speaking, you must adjust the way you pronounce vowels and this will help your speaking clarity and tonality.

  • Create Energy and Expression When Speaking - No Monotone

    Two exercises for a voice that is monotone, lacking expression and variety and finding that you are struggling to engage your audience. These exercises are particularly beneficial for male speakers as their voice has a lower tone and lacks higher pitches.

  • Remove the Cracks and Wobbles - Have a Strong Voice

    Does your voice sometimes feels separated? You have a deep and then higher voice but there are 2 different sounds and they are disconnected. This exercise will strengthen the middle part of your voice and give you greater control removing cracks, yodels and squeaks, bringing your chest and head voice vibration together into a mixed quality speaking voice. This exercise is beneficial for both male and female voices.

  • Eliminate a Breathy and Nasality Voice - Lower Tones are Trusted

    This exercise is for a voice that is breathy, too light, soft, lacking strength and projection. The female speaker would specifically benefit from this exercise as generally women speak in a higher tone and lack deeper voice quality.

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