4 voice tones to help you speak from your heart


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To speak from your heart is to be Emotionally Intelligent. This is mostly notice as  non-verbal communication. To know how to do this, is to have choice by controlling how you use your voice tone to create the mood you want when speaking. Listening is communication just as much as speaking and without listening we cannot speak.  When we listen …

how speaking effects performance and engagement | maria pellicano

How Speaking Tone Effects Performance and Engagement

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While the speaking voice is considered to be a verbal aspect of communication, the voice tone is totally non verbal communication.  Staff, management and leadership, are totally unaware of the impact,  their speaking voice is having on the staff performance and engagement.  Research is showing us that a staggering 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged. Many companies are experiencing …

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What is tone of voice in communication?

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Have you ever heard someone say   “I didn’t mean TO SAY IT  like that, YOUR MISUNDERSTOOD  me” or   Have you ever heard “Don’t use that TONE OF VOICE with me!”   When can voice tone go wrong? Tone of voice is the non-verbal aspect of speaking. Tone is the intonation or sometimes called an inflection, it is the …

3- Practical-Ways-To-Get-Over-Public-Speaking-Anxiety

Public Speaking Anxiety – Three Practical Tips

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Do you have public speaking anxiety?   Most tell me they their afraid of not feeling good enough, or afraid of being found out that you are fraud.  Does that sound like you?   To overcome public speaking anxiety you must have a strong enough reason to see you through fear.   For me singing in public came earlier than …


3 Simple Ways To Develop A Friendly Tone Of Voice

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One of the most frequent questions my clients ask me is, “How can I develop a friendly tone of voice?” They tell me that friends and colleagues say their voice sounds angry and intimidating.  The perception by others is that friendliness and approachability is lacking and this is regularly effecting personal and business relationships. It is difficult to assess your own voice as …

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3 Call Centre Voice Tone Tips To Improve Customer Experience

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Did you know that 28 percent of call centre voices sound strained, tired, and lack tonality for quality engagement? This affects daily performance at work. Believe it or not, call centre issues such as high turnover in staff retention, absenteeism, duty of care concerns and quality customer service are all due to lack of professional voice awareness when speaking. “To …

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How Much Does Tone Of Voice Really Matter In Communication?

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Your tone of voice tells others a great deal about who you are and how professional your business is. Voice tonality will either repel others or engage them, but most are not aware of what their voice is really saying to others. With better understanding of how to control your voice, you can alter the volume, tone and pitch of …

four types of tone of voice in communication

4 Essential Types Of Tone Of Voice In Communication

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Just like you have a variety of clothing apparels styled for different events and engagements, you should also have different tones of voice when you speak in different environments. In this blog I want to talk to you about how to access and develop four types of tone of voice in communication. I recently attended a Master Communication workshop with …

how to get over fear of public speaking

3 Ways To Get Over Fear Of Public Speaking

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Do you experience fear of public speaking? If so, have you ever been told that fear is just in your mind? Or that you should just get over it? Well it’s not that easy and I totally understand why you feel scared or nervous when you are faced with speaking in public. In fact, 74% of people fear public speaking. …

public speaking for women

Public Speaking For Women – How To Have Powerful Voice Tonality

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Is your tone of voice effective in your personal and business relationships? What is your tone of voice saying about you? Do you want to be heard, have greater connection and admiration when speaking? Do you have sweaty palms and your voice quivers when you need to speak in public? You can adjust your vocal tone to suit the meaning …