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A Little Bit About Maria

Maria is a voice, life and business ICF coach, public speaker, trainer, singer, musician, songwriter and author. Overall I am a communication specialist, helping her clients to have an influential and powerful voice and presence when speaking.

For the past 20 years, Maria specialised in phycology, psychometric assessment, emotional intelligence, mindfulness meditation and voice technique for both speaking and singing. By blending all these tools she is able to help her clients find patterns and behaviours that impact the way they speak.

Whether you are an introvert and struggle to speak in front of an audience or you may have an intimidating or harsh stern voice, Maria helps you develop a public speaking style that is relational and engaging.

Intelligent speaking is a leadership quality, that requires service to go even beyond verbal words. Non-verbal communication is 93% more powerful aspect of communication.

I have developed a 3-step model: of aligning and integrating mindset, message and voice for powerful influential communication I deliver corporate workshops and private coaching to executives and leaders.

Maria works with both private and corporate clients, small businesses, internationally and nationally. My corporate clients have included Trivago, AGL, Government departments, financial institutions and non-profits. She uses are 3 Step Model of aligning and integrating mindset, message and voice for powerful influential communication.

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“The power of words are weighted by the vocal tone that once chooses to use” Maria Pellicano

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What Others Say About Oksana

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Oksana for a number of years and in that time I been impressed on how clever and on point she is with her marketing and engagement strategies. Oksana’s ability to create unique and inspiring brand engagement, marketing ideas and strategies is a talent very few have.
Steve Jensen - Sales Coach

"I can't speak highly enough of...

I met Oksana through professional development and networking, and she has always been so generous in providing strategic advice for my business and creating connections for future business opportunities. Oksana is incredibly creative, tenacious, a super-connector and a think-outside-the-box marketing maverick. I'd highly recommend her consulting services and as a guest presenter or speaker.
Kirryn Zerna - Professional Speakers Australia National Board Member

"We are thrilled with the results and cannot thank her enough for her tireless work, professionalism and effort.."

Oksana have a holistic and pragmatic approach to help businesses develop long lasting relationship with both our suppliers and our customers. Oksana is equipped with a unique set of skills that help us identify opportunity and channels we never thoughts we could tap into. And with her unique sense of creativity, she lay effective strategy to engage and execute new growth opportunity.
Jean-Luc Tan - Founder Director at VIVE CSC

"Working with Oksana and her team was so easy, after meeting with us they understood exactly what we wanted to portray."

Despite the fact we were working in different time zones, we met all our deadlines and the end result was fabulous (if only I could show you the goodies our delegates got to take home). Her energy is infectious which makes the process all the more fun, not to mention her amazing ability to interpret your theme and make it fit with her merchandise.
Angela Shelton - Chief Executive Officer at Answers for Answers