4 voice tones to help you speak from your heart


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To speak from your heart is to be Emotionally Intelligent. This is mostly notice as  non-verbal communication. To know how to do this, is to have choice by controlling how you use your voice tone to create the mood you want when speaking. Listening is communication just as much as speaking and without listening we cannot speak.  When we listen …

tone of voice matters in communication

How Much Does Tone Of Voice Really Matter In Communication?

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Your tone of voice tells others a great deal about who you are and how professional your business is. Voice tonality will either repel others or engage them, but most are not aware of what their voice is really saying to others. With better understanding of how to control your voice, you can alter the volume, tone and pitch of …

public speaking for women

Public Speaking For Women – How To Have Powerful Voice Tonality

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Is your tone of voice effective in your personal and business relationships? What is your tone of voice saying about you? Do you want to be heard, have greater connection and admiration when speaking? Do you have sweaty palms and your voice quivers when you need to speak in public? You can adjust your vocal tone to suit the meaning …