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Vocal tone matters in communication because it tells others a great deal about who you are and how professional your business is. Voice tone will either repel others or engage them, but most are not aware of what there voice is really saying to others. With better understanding of vocal control you can alter the volume, tone and pitch of …

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Public Speaking is even MORE than just words

Maria Pellicano Business Voice Coach, Mentoring, public speaking

When we are public speaking we are bringing our MINDSET and VOCAL TONALITY to the words we speak. Our voice, message and mindset must send the same signal and say the same thing. When this happens we bring more of ourselves to public speaking, creating deeper engagement with our audiences and even in our one on one conversation. Have you …

Powerful Voice Tonality For Women In Leadership

Maria Pellicano Business Voice Coach, confident speaking, public speaking, voice

The wrong vocal tone can affect the right message and you can create misunderstanding and misperception in communication leading to confusion and delay in getting your message heard and respected. We are mostly unconscious about our vocal tone because we have been speaking ever since we were babies and even before that our mother’s vocal tone began to impact us …