Testimonials – what others are saying about Maria Pellicano!

  • Emily Holland - Project Manager, Service Delivery & Transformation at the

    “Maria recently conducted ‘Call Centre & Workplace Voice Coaching’ sessions for my 20+ team of service centre staff. Staff found the sessions to be engaging and highly valuable. Staff reported an increased awareness in how to effectively use their voice and breath and were appreciative of the individual feedback provided by Maria.”

  • Suzanne Johnson - Victoria State Government - Customer Service

    “Maria recently worked with me providing corporate voice coaching. Her techniques helped me identify ways I could improve my skill set and extended beyond just voice coaching. Maria is very intuitive and gently pushed an guided me to identify the areas I needed to focus on and I am much more confident as a results of my coaching sessions with Maria. Easy to work with, I would recommend Maria for not only vocal coaching but for her wholistic approach to her coaching and mentoring style.”

  • Gerry Cronin, Manager, Community Access Services, Services and Legal Group

    “I approached Maria to set out a program of work, here at VCAT after attending a speaking engagement, featuring Maria, hosted by the AusContact Association. After the event Maria handed me a copy of her book, which I read and I was hooked. We found, particularly in response to COVID, that much of our traditional face-to-face work was transitioned to online and teleconferencing. Without the visual element of communication we had relied upon in our service model everything was changing (and continues to do so). Harnessing our voices and acknowledging we were actually using them more and differently, was at the heart of approaching Maria for help. Since that time we have held various group workshops and one-on-ones with staff and members to develop their speaking and engaging voice. The feedback has been consistent and positive. Maria connects with everyone and has shown a real passion for getting the best out of everyone’s voice. It has been a pleasure to work with Maria and take the seed of an idea right through to delivering the coaching and completing follow ups. Maria’s work certainly helps and not just confined to those in the contact centre environment, but to all staff in all public facing roles.”

  • Dr Olivia Ong, Specialist Pain Medicine Physician, Medical Leadership Coach, Transformational Speaker, Educator, Author

    “The work that Maria did with me for the 4 months 1:1 leadership program was transformative. Maria taught me to speak with my inner voice and confidence, embody and integrate my truth and message, and have presence each time I speak as a leader. I’ve been speaking in virtual summits since we finished up in March, being invited as a guest on podcasts, and I’m applying to TEDx as my next step. Thank you Maria for helping me speak my truth and giving me the courage to be visible.”

  • Christine Tarquinio, Senior Workspace Support Officer at Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria, Australia

    “I have been working on my voice with Maria for many years. In this time, the tone of my voice has transformed and my confidence in how I present myself when speaking and delivering my message in work situations has improved enormously. I am now more in tune with how to communicate with more assertiveness and authority. I can’t more highly recommend Maria, she is a great mentor and will help you find your true voice.”

  • Anita Noitz, Integrity and Values

    “Maria is a burst of energy and efficiency and certainly makes an impact in all that she does. As a voice coach she has deep knowledge to transform people’s lives. Further, she is able to bring a range of solutions to the professional speaker ranging from vocal techniques to emotional issues arising from the voice and message. She is a connector and a fearless leader who thrives in a fast-paced environment. To put it simply, Maria is passionate about her work and brings her A game every day.”

  • Ramon Herrera

    “When I first began to work with Maria at ‘Harness Your Voice’ we aimed to create a voice that has power and influence with some fun of creating a voice to sing a little along the way. I was thrilled when Maria offered her level of certainty with coaching skills and began to explain how the voice has a deep connection with our personal growth, this paired well with her professional practice tracks which have made such a difference in fast tracking results.”

  • Stephen Callaghan, AGL Energy

    “Maria came in to do Voice Coaching for a large group at AGL and really helped all of us literally step up. Subsequently she helped myself 1:1 for a conference talk I was making and I cant recommend Maria highly enough. Focusing on both the practical techniques on the voice, presence on stage and most importantly the head space you need to get yourself in, she helped me immensely. Thank you.”

  • Erika Doetsch, Echo Resources Limited

    “I have recently had the great privilege of voice and communication coaching by Maria – the timing for our meeting couldn’t have been more perfect. The outcomes received from our sessions which Maria tailored to meet my individual needs, exceeded my expectations and was well worth the travel from Perth to Melbourne. Maria is inspiring, experienced and insightful – and a genuinely humble and beautiful person who has empowered me with the techniques necessary to overcome some of the challenges I was facing and improve my communication in the workplace and personal relationships. I look forward to Maria being a part of my professional and personal journey and would highly recommend Maria to others. Maria – you are amazing!”

  • Jennifer Pearson - Whittlesea City Council - Retail Activity Centre Officer

    “I engaged Maria to speak at a recent Women in Business event and perform a song. Maria is easy to work with and a most calm, relaxed and inspiring woman. She has the most beautiful voice and outlook on life. Such a pleasure to with you Maria.”

  • Astrid Verhuven - trivago - Talent Onboarding & Integration - Germany

    “After a long time of searching for possibilities to help our sales department to gain awareness of their voices, we connected straight away and we both knew in a very short time what is needed. Maria came all the long way from Australia to Germany. First she joined us to have an insight view how people work. After this she held a 3.5 hour workshop for 120 consultants and gave us an understanding of how this little walnut in our throat (voice) is working and also she did some vocal exercise with all of us. After this session we welcomed her for 1.5 days of small group vocal coaching. I simply can say; IT WAS AMAZING.”

  • Peta Sookrie, A Woman of Influence Conference

    “Maria thank you so much for your message on our voice and the heart of our own voice and its power as we create new pathways. It was perfect. The minute Maria heard me speak she pointed out exactly what I was doing wrong while speaking and, through our ongoing sessions not only did she help me improve my tone and ability to project my voice better, but it doesn’t get sore anymore!”

  • Trevor Banerjee, The Freedom Switch

    “I noticed a significant improvement in many areas, especially in the area of having a much clearer voice. I am now aware of the many aspects that are involved in keeping a good and clear voice, as well as what to do to keep improving my speech. This self-awareness provides me with the insight to talk much better with my clients, peers and everyone.”

  • Quang Nguyen, Sterling First

    “Maria really knows her stuff! As a speaker and communicator I never knew there was so much to understand about vocal technique and speaking. Now I am more aware about my breathing, of how it affects my speaking.”

  • Jann Cane, Time to Grow Coaching

    “Maria Pellicano has an amazing talent and skill-set to serve any professional who needs to use their voice for the greater good.”

  • Rachael Rakka Henderson, International Coaching Guild

    “Thank you so much for such a fun, engaging and educational practical talk. I learnt so much that will impact the amount of value I can share with my clients.”

  • Robert Williams, Clearly Talking

    “Fantastic energy and empathy.”

  • Suzi Chen

    “Maria delivered a 2-hour workshop to a group of female Japanese executives as part of Notonos Gender Equity Makers program here in Melbourne on 4 February 2019. Maria was able to work with our delegates through an interpreter and share her expertise in effective communication by better use of our voice and body language. Some of the feedback from our delegates included “I never thought of my voice this way”, “I now better understand how others may perceive me when I speak publicly”

  • Saravana Raj Inbasagaran, Pegasystems

    “I recently went through a communication/voice training program with Maria Pellicano and would like to share my experience. I am an IT consultant who engages with various business conversations and dialogues with various stakeholders. I used to suffer from a lack of strength in my voice, and excessive content being communicated in a fast manner. Based on my client feedback I approached Maria to help me. I went through 4 one-to-one sessions with her & the impact of these sessions was tremendous on my approach. She helped me be cognizant of the impact of my mistakes and gave very effective tips about how best I can communicate. She was brilliant in understanding my personality and unearthing my behavior patterns. She helped me shape my future conversations. I greatly recommend her for anyone who wishes to improve their voice, language and communication in general.”

  • Karen Cucuzza, Findex Australia

    “Maria worked with me as a coach to develop my voice and work on my mindset to empower me to speak with confidence. Through her coaching she gave me the tools to face situations such as work meetings, performing on stage and difficult conversations with courage, strength and intention, rather than doubt or fear. I would recommend her services to anyone who would like to develop themselves, their career, their conversations or on stage skills.”