The working voice is reliant on clear sustainable speaking that is energetic and exciting to listen to. When we speak we use lots of energy that depends on our body. Good voice awareness is mostly lacking and most of us have never been taught how to use our voice well by a voice coach and this results in ongoing voice issues, such as fatigue, huskiness and strain in the workplace. More and more we are now having to speak in public and most of us don't know what we really sound like and whether we are really getting our message out there into the hearts and minds of our listeners.

  • Have you been told your voice is too soft, too loud or just boring?
  • Do you want to speak with more energy, be heard clearly and be inspirational so you can succeed in your communication?
  • Do you cringe when you hear back your voice and wish you sounded better?
  • Does you voice tone make you sound younger, intimidating or is not matching what you are saying?
  • Are you suffering for strain, fatigue and huskiness resulting in speaking avoidance?


Welcome to Business Voice Coaching that will improve the sound of your voice and help you feel confident, clear and engaging when speaking.

  • Private Business Voice Coaching

    This is a personalised one-on-one voice, speech, and awareness coaching for the working voice. Learn More

  • Call Centre and Workplace Voice Coaching

    This program helps you or your team have a good energised sounding voice and a vocal tonality that matches the spoken message. Learn More

Private Business Voice Coach

Do you feel your voice lets you down when you speak? Do you cringe when you hear back your voice and wish you sounded better?


  • How to improve your voice to speak with certainty and confidence
  • How and when to project or soften your voice in meetings and conversations
  • How to use you voice for persuasion, authority, and to sound convincing
  • If you are a woman, learn how to deepen, strengthen, and remove breathiness in your voice
  • If you are a man, learn how to brighten and soften your voice
  • How to match your speaking tone to the voice of your clients so that deeper listening occurs
  • How to breathe and relax when under pressure and when having to be spontaneous with your speaking
  • Learn to use your pauses, inflections and speaking pace to inspire your audiences and clients
  • Learn how to soften your accent, and how to improve your diction, articulation, and pronunciation
  • Use your voice to deliver a message that is full of emotion, inspiration and matches the intent of what you want to say.
  • Learn how to use more variety and voice range to create inspirational speaking instead of boring speaking

Option #1: $1760  including GST for 4 sessions lasting 1.5 hours each

Option #2:  $990 including GST for 4 sessions lasting 45 minutes each

“Why you may be missing 75% of your potential prospects, simply because you’re not communicating with them in the way they prefer. In fact, you may be turning them off completely without even realising it!”Brian Tracy
“I approached Maria to set out a program of work, here at VCAT after attending a speaking engagement, featuring Maria, hosted by the AusContact Association. After the event Maria handed me a copy of her book, which I read and I was hooked. We found, particularly in response to COVID, that much of our traditional face-to-face work was transitioned to online and teleconferencing. Without the visual element of communication we had relied upon in our service model everything was changing (and continues to do so). Harnessing our voices and acknowledging we were actually using them more and differently, was at the heart of approaching Maria for help. Since that time we have held various group workshops and one-on-ones with staff and members to develop their speaking and engaging voice. The feedback has been consistent and positive. Maria connects with everyone and has shown a real passion for getting the best out of everyone’s voice. It has been a pleasure to work with Maria and take the seed of an idea right through to delivering the coaching and completing follow ups. Maria’s work certainly helps and not just confined to those in the contact centre environment, but to all staff in all public facing roles.”Gerry Cronin, Manager, Community Access Services, Services and Legal Group

Call Centre and Workplace Voice Coach

Are you staff complaining of tired, strained and lifeless voices? Are your staff avoiding talking to customers or absent from work because of voice irritation?


This training will assist the working voice to effortlessly project and use the voice more professionally, avoiding fatigue, damage and provides a deep sense of personal confidence and self esteem.  When you are comfortable using your voice then you are able to speak more passionately and for longer periods of time.  This will result in staff satisfaction, resulting in reduced absenteeism, wanting to speak with customers and give even more value. Overseas research is showing that there is a need for voice and speaking coaching and awareness for the working voice and that it is a occupational safety issue in call centres. Check out the research here.

  • Stronger, sustainable and energetic voice, avoiding fatigue and increasing stamina
  • Breath control and diaphragmatic support.
  • Clearer, freer and warmer vocal tone to help speak with certainty and confidence.
  • To use body language (awareness) to increase voice quality.
  • Using their voice to engage and build effective customer relationships.
  • Using vowels, improve tone for projection to create greater vocal strength.
  • Releasing tight jaw or tongue, creating better articulation instead of mumbling
  • Change vocal huskiness, cracking and increase clarity
  • Change a monotone voice by Increasing vocal range
  • If you are a woman, learn how to deepen, strengthen, remove breathiness in speaking
  • If you are a man, learn how to brighten and soften your voice
  • Are your staff avoiding taking calls or having absent days off because of voice fatigue and strain?

Available for Larger Group workshop and Smaller Workshop 8-10  Individual Participation. 
Contact Maria Pellicano for pricing and arrangements for your business place

"After a long time of searching for possibilities to help our sales department to gain awareness of their voices, we connected straight away and we both knew in a very short time what is needed. Maria came all the long way from Australia to Germany. First she joined us to have an insight view how people work. After this she held a 3.5 hour workshop for 120 consultants and gave us an understanding of how this little walnut in our throat (voice) is working and also she did some vocal exercise with all of us. After this session we welcomed her for 1.5 days of small group vocal coaching. I simply can say; IT WAS AMAZING"Astrid Verhuven - trivago - Talent Onboarding & Integration - Germany


Let's talk. Let's find out what you need to do to become clear and certain about your unique message. Let's discover how you can have the voice of confidence and the credibility that every audience and client really wants from you. I will help you understand how to close the gaps in your communication and help you evoke and move audiences and clients to action.



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