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What is tone of voice in communication?

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Have you ever heard someone say
“I didn’t mean TO SAY IT  like that, YOUR MISUNDERSTOOD  me” or
Have you ever heard “Don’t use that TONE OF VOICE with me!”

When can voice tone go wrong?

Tone of voice is the non-verbal aspect of speaking. Tone is the intonation or sometimes called an inflection, it is the rise and fall of the sound. It may also be a vowel in the syllable of the word sustained and or a consonant which is over pronounced.
Loaded emotion and energy in the tone of a voice creates variation in the meaning of the message. You must be sure that the emotion you use in your voice tone matches the message you want others to hear. The mistake is that sometimes we mislead our audiences and communicate in the wrong tone.
Do you ever wish you could take back your words but it’s now too late? Instead you now find yourself having to explain what you meant to say.
When you speak, the words are not as important as how you emphasis each word within the sentence. How you stress an emotion in the word effects the quality of what's understood and and it's meaning.
A sentence can have a variety of different meaning depending how you say it. The tone you use in your voice effects the end result of the communication.

Here is a video that explains how you can use your voice tone in 5 different ways when communicating

Speaking style and tone is a nervous system habit.  
It's developed over time and colored by your greatest influencers. Your teachers, parents, culture and personal confidence all impact your voice tone.
When speaking, to find out more about your tone and what the impact is on others you can work with a voice coach. Receiving feedback on your voice tone you improve your potential for powerful communication.
Research tells us that voice tone increases your income, credibility and status. When we hear a strong voice we trust more and there is a sense of integrity. Speaking tone is more important than content and words alone.
Voice coaching gives insights and knowledge about your specific and unique voice tone. I offer four 1.5 hour private customised sessions that help you improve and change your voice. I also offer workplace voice tone awareness workshops.

“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”

-Paulo Coelho

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